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Donnelly, Roisin (2021) Nurturing a teaching and learning community in business education: Disseminating practical strategies from a Technological University. Journal of Education for Business, 96 (8). pp. 545-551. ISSN 0883-2323

Donnelly, Roisin and Politis, Yurgos (2021) Embracing online engagement with undergraduate supervisors: Collective perspectives on the online pivot. Innovations in Education and Teaching International, 58 (6). pp. 727-737. ISSN 1470-3297

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Donnelly, Roisin (2019) Case Study: When it goes wrong, how do I know I am an excellent teacher, (just having a bad day)? Other Resources.

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McSweeney, Fiona and Donnelly, Roisin (2018) Short Case Study: The First Year Experience: Students’ Perceptions on Assessment.

Donnelly, Roisin (2018) Surviving, and Indeed Thriving in Faculty Development: A Reflective Commentary on Values Informing Professional Practice.

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Donnelly, Roisin (2017) Professional Development of Staff in Assessment & Feedback: A National Approach.

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Donnelly, Roisin (2017) Pilot Studies Implementation of the National Professional Development Framework for all Staff who Teach in Higher Education and the National Digital Badges initiative.

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Donnelly, Roisin (2017) Proposing a Professional Development Model of Academic Writing and Publishing Support.

Donnelly, Roisin and Fitzmaurice, Marian (2017) Resource Pack on Active Learning. Other Resources.

Donnelly, Roisin and Fitzmaurice, Marian (2017) Resource Pack on Supervising Postgraduate Students. Other Resources.

Donnelly, Roisin and Maguire, Theresa (2017) Shining a Light on the National Professional Development Framework for all who Teach in Irish Higher Education: Why it Matters, How it Works. Education Matters.

Donnelly, Roisin (2016) Application of Mezirow’s Transformative Pedagogy to Blended Problem-based Learning. Other Resources.

Donnelly, Roisin (2016) Enabling Practitioners to Apply eLearning to Professional Development Practice. Other Resources.

Donnelly, Roisin (2016) Opportunities and Challenges of Interactivity in Blended Problem-based Learning. Other Resources.

Donnelly, Roisin (2016) A Socio-Technological Perspective of Blended Problem-based Learning.

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Book Section

Donnelly, Roisin, McAvinia, Claire and McDonnell, Claire (2020) Finding Inspiration: Sharing Practice and Developing Authentic Multimedia Artifacts for Supervision of Undergraduate Research in Irish Higher Education: Policy and Practice. In: International Perspectives on Undergraduate Research. Springer International Publishing, Cham, pp. 147-175. ISBN 978-3-030-53559-9

McAvinia, Claire, Donnelly, Roisin, Hanratty, Orla and Harvey, Jen (2016) Does Accredited Professional Development for Academics Improve Teaching and Learning in Higher Education?:. In: Professional Development and Workplace Learning. IGI Global, pp. 1847-1866. ISBN 9781466686328

Donnelly, Roisin (2009) The Nature of Complex Blends: Transformative Problem-Based Learning and Technology in Irish Higher Education. In: Cases on Online and Blended Learning Technologies in Higher Education: Concepts and Practices. IGI Global.

Donnelly, Roisin (2007) Online Problem-Based Learning Approach in Higher Education. In: Online and Distance Learning: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications. UNSPECIFIED. ISBN 1599049368

Donnelly, Roisin and Portimojärvi, Timo (2006) Shifting perceptions within online problem-based learning. In: Encyclopedia of Distance Learning, Second Edition. IGI Global.

Donnelly, Roisin (2006) Title of Case Study: Teaching Portfolio. In: Case studies of good practice in the assessment of student learning in higher education. Dublin Institute of Technology.

Donnelly, Roisin (2005) Using technology to support project and problem-based learning. In: Handbook of Enquiry and Problem-based Learning: Irish Case Studies and International Perspectives. UNSPECIFIED.

Conference or Workshop Item

Donnelly, Roisin and Fitzmaurice, Marian (2003) Creating Spaces for Voices: the Portfolio as a Framework to Support Inquiry Into Third Level Learning and Teaching. In: European Conference on Educational Research, University of Hamburg, 17-20 September, 2003..

Conference Proceedings

Donnelly, Roisin (2004) Different Thinking Hats: The Continuously-Evolving Role of the Instructor in E-Problem Based Learning (E-PBL). [Conference Proceedings]


Donnelly, Roisin, Dallat, John, Fitzmaurice, Marian Wisker, Haigh, Gina, Dillon, Neil, Miller, Amanda, Maguire, Richard L., Delahunt, Moira and Everitt-Reynolds, Brid (2013) Supervising and writing a good undergraduate dissertation. UNSPECIFIED. ISBN 1608051765

Donnelly, Roisin (2010) Critical Design and Effective Tools for E-Learning in Higher Education: Theory into Practice: Theory into Practice. IGI Global.


Donnelly, Roisin (2022) Insights from a national approach to supporting the professional development of those who teach. [Dataset]

Donnelly, Roisin (2021) Learning Development’s role in supporting academic synergies through co-evolution of teaching excellence and practice. Report from the Field. [Dataset]

Donnelly, Roisin (2021) You, the Professional Development Framework and Reflective Practice. [Dataset]

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