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Andreev, R., Ganchev, I. and O'Droma, M. (2005) Content Metadata Application and Packaging Service (CMAPS) - Innovative framework for producing SCORM-compliant e-learning content. [Conference Proceedings]

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Fox, Seamus (2005) The New learning technologies in higher distance education: theoretical benefits through the prism of a case study. [Conference Proceedings]

Fox, Seamus (2005) Reflections of the benefits of the use of the new learning technologies in higher distance education through the prism of a case study. [Conference Proceedings]

Gallagher, A., Fletcher, S., Johnson, D., Williams, A., Muhammetoglu, H., Ortacesme, V., Sayan, S., Muhammetoglu, A., Demircan, N., Cummins, V., O'Donnell, V., Gault, J., Phillips, M., House, C., May, E. and Ergin, A. (2005) COZIP: An intensive programme in european integrated coastal zone management. [Conference Proceedings]

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