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MacKenzie, Alison, Bacalja, Alexander, Annamali, Devisakti, Panaretou, Argyro, Girme, Prajakta, Cutajar, Maria, Abegglen, Sandra, Evens, Marshall, Neuhaus, Fabian, Wilson, Kylie, Psarikidou, Katerina, Koole, Marguerite, Hrastinski, Stefan, Sturm, Sean, Adachi, Chie, Schnaider, Karoline, Bozkurt, Aras, Rapanta, Chrysi, Themelis, Chryssa, Thestrup, Klaus, Gislev, Tom, Örtegren, Alex, Costello, Eamon, Dishon, Gideon, Hoechsmann, Michael, Bucio, Jackeline, Vadillo, Guadalupe, Sánchez-Mendiola, Melchor, Goetz, Greta, Gusso, Helder Lima, Arantes, Janine Aldous, Kishore, Pallavi, Lodahl, Mikkel, Suoranta, Juha, Markauskaite, Lina, Mörtsell, Sara, O’Reilly, Tanya, Reed, Jack, Bhatt, Ibrar, Brown, Cheryl, MacCallum, Kathryn, Ackermann, Cecile, Alexander, Carolyn, Payne, Ameena Leah, Bennett, Rebecca, Stone, Cathy, Collier, Amy, Lohnes Watulak, Sarah, Jandrić, Petar, Peters, Michael and Gourlay, Lesley (2022) Dissolving the Dichotomies Between Online and Campus-Based Teaching: a Collective Response to The Manifesto for Teaching Online (Bayne et al. 2020). Postdigital Science and Education, 4 (2). pp. 271-329. ISSN 2524-485X

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Risquez, Angelica, Raftery, Damien and Costello, Eamon (2015) The open dataset on students’ perceptions of virtual learning environments in Ireland: Collaborating to listen to the student voice: The open dataset on students’ perceptions of VLEs in Ireland. British Journal of Educational Technology, 46 (5). pp. 1070-1074. ISSN 00071013

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Costello, Eamon, Fox, Seamus and Lynn, Theodore (2008) Online labs for distance learners: reflections from an Irish pilot study.

Conference or Workshop Item

Farrelly, Tom, Raftery, Damien, Risquez, Angelica, McAvinia, Claire, Harding, Nuala, Costello, Eamon, O'Grady, Muiris, Ryan, Deirdre, McSweeney, Daniel and Logan-Phelan, Theresa (2015) Exploring lecturer engagement with the VLE: initial findings from a multi-college survey. In: EdTech 2015: Beyond the Horizon: Policy, Practice and Possibilities, UL.

McAvinia, Claire, Cosgrave, Robert, Risquez, Angelica, Raftery, Damien, Logan-Phelan, Theresa, Costello, Eamon, Harding, Nuala, Palmer, Marion and Farrelly, Tom (2013) Engaging students through the VLE: findings from the VLE Usage Survey 2008-2013. In: 6th Annual Learning Innovation Network Conference – Sustainable Models of Student Engagement – Rhetoric or Achievable? 17th October 2013 in the Ashling Hotel, Dublin., Dublin, Ireland.

Walsh, Elaine, O'Keeffe, Noeleen, Delaney, Lorraine, Fox, Seamus, Brunton, James, Costello, Eamon and Morrissey, Anne (2012) Enhancing the teaching and learning experience of distance education through the use of synchronous online tutorials. In: EADTU 2012, 27-28 Sept, Paphos, Cyprus..

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Walsh, Elaine, O'Keeffe, Noeleen, Brunton, James, Fox, Seamus, Morrissey, Anne and Costello, Eamon (2011) Introducing Wimba to Oscail online programmes. In: EADTU 2011, 3-4 Nov 2011, Eskisehir, Turkey.

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