Delivering continuing professional development for construction management using e-learning

Wall, J. and Ahmed, V. (2006) Delivering continuing professional development for construction management using e-learning. [Conference Proceedings]

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The need for continued access and provision to continuing professional development (CPD) has been recognised by the construction sector. Accessing formal CPD opportunities, while working full-time in the construction industry, is a challenging undertaking. In attempting to strike a balance between learning, the technologies available to deliver learning and the issues that educational institutions must address it is clear that the formulation of a strategic framework will assist in the development of any CPD programme aimed at the needs of construction professionals. This research addresses these issues in the context of CPD in the construction industry. This strategic framework attempts to strike a balance between learners in industry and educational institutions who offer CPD opportunities, through a balanced approach that integrates both traditional delivery mechanisms, in conjunction with e-learning. The results of an initial analysis of a CPD programme in Ireland delivered using elearning technologies are presented. The lessons learned from this will be integrated into the development of a European resource for the construction industry funded by the European Union.

Item Type: Conference Proceedings
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Uncontrolled Keywords: CPD; E-learning; Framework; Learning; Styles; Construction management; Construction professionals; Construction sectors; Continuing professional development; Delivery mechanism; E-learning technology; Educational institutions; European union; Ireland; Strategic frameworks; Construction industry; Project management; Research
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