An exploratory study of role transition from student to registered nurse (general, mental health and intellectual disability) in Ireland

Deasy, C. and Doody, O. and Tuohy, D. (2011) An exploratory study of role transition from student to registered nurse (general, mental health and intellectual disability) in Ireland. pp. 109-113. ISSN 14715953 (ISSN)

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Ireland has seen much change in nurse education resulting in four year degree programmes since 2002. A unique aspect of these programmes was the incorporation of rostered internship. This study explored role transition for a cohort of students at pre and post-registration. The sample consisted of fourth year students registered on BSc nursing programmes (general, mental health and intellectual disability) within an Irish university. The samples were surveyed to compare their perceptions and expectations of role transition pre and post-registration. Data were analysed using SPSS (version 16). Respondents had high levels of confidence in clinical abilities both at pre-registration and post-registration. They also perceived themselves to be competent across a range of domains: managing workload, prioritising care delivery, interpersonal skills, time management and multidisciplinary team working. However, this research highlights pre-registration stress, the need for ongoing feedback and support and differences between expected and actual levels of direct patient care involvement. It is argued that the rostered internship provided students with a valuable opportunity for adjustment and preparation for their role as registered nurse. Recommendations include stress management, a supportive environment and post-registration preceptorship programmes to enhance professional development and gain confidence during the internship. © 2010 Elsevier Ltd.

Item Type: Article
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Uncontrolled Keywords: Internship; Registered nurse; Student nurse; Transition; article; education; female; human; Ireland; male; mental disease; mental stress; nurse attitude; nursing; nursing education; nursing student; psychological aspect; questionnaire; social adaptation; Education, Nursing, Baccalaureate; Humans; Mental Disorders; Nurse's Role; Preceptorship; Questionnaires; Social Adjustment; Stress, Psychological; Students, Nursing
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