Curriculum Development Discourse and Practice

O'Riordan, Fiona Curriculum Development Discourse and Practice. Studies in Health Technology and Informatics, 256. pp. 561-571.


Curricula in higher education is under increasing pressure to contribute to economic and societal enhancement. Educators are the primary source of curricula development and thus most centrally placed to help deliver on these significant requirements for higher education. Given their central role, the aim of this research was to elucidate the voice of educators with regard to their experience of curriculum development practice and discourse, in the context of higher education. The key objectives in realising this aim was to engage educators in curriculum development discourse; illuminate their philosophical beliefs and influence on curriculum development; irradiate current curriculum development practice; and contribute to capacity building among educators in relation to their role in curriculum development. The study was conducted across four higher education institutions in Ireland, and is part of wider piece of research which formed my Ed.D. Discourse analysis was used as a methodology within a post-structural theoretical framework which facilitated layered analysis and questioning of curriculum development practice and discourse. The findings contribute to the current curriculum development conversation by offering a framework for curriculum development practice and discourse. I argue if this framework is used as an early discourse and planning tool it can offer transformative potential for curricula.

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