Technology mediated assessment of dynamic spatial ability.

Buckley, Jeffrey, O'Neill, Colm and Seery, Niall (2016) Technology mediated assessment of dynamic spatial ability.


The role of spatial ability in STEM educational performance has been
substantially illustrated since the inception of this research agenda. However,
studies which have identified this relationship typically do so using static
measures of performance. It is posited that dynamic spatial ability may align
more with the dynamic environment in which humans must negotiate however
technological limitations have constrained the capacity to test this faculty.
Building on past studies of dynamic spatial ability, the aim of this study
was to initiate the creation of psychometric tests for dynamic spatial factors. The
findings suggest a gender difference favouring males which aligns with results
regularly cited using static measures and a number of considerations for future
psychometric developments in this area are offered. It is envisioned that the
development of these tests could aid in ascertaining the role of dynamic spatial
ability in STEM education and subsequently assist in the direction of associated
future educational developments.

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