Scriba-College: Technical Report

Cunningham, Ian (2017) Scriba-College: Technical Report.


Each and every day thousands of students attend college and are the owner of an Android device. The way in which students currently interact with their college material to create notes is to either create documents of notes or write out their notes on paper. This project aims to eliminate these tiresome tasks to promote a new way of creating notes for the student’s college material by interacting the college material on their Android device and annotating the content via the Scriba stylus to create notes.

The intended audience of the project are students that are the owners of an Android device and an a Scriba stylus. The idea is that students will have access to their college documents and presentation slides by having these documents and slides stored on a remote server. While in class or at home, students may create notes with their Scriba stylus.

The project idea has been proposed and the requirements have been gathered while in consultation with David Craig, CEO Dublin Design Studio LTD. The necessary requirements for the project are documented in the requirements section of this report. The technologies that would best suit the projects requirements have been identified.

This project is necessary in this field as it will improve a student’s interaction with their college material by providing a useful mobile app to store unique notes and view at any time and any place. The application will also contain an option to create quizzes based on the recorded notes, which adds a unique feature not seen in other applications in the same field.

The key benefit of this application is that it will increase student engagement and knowledge of college material by providing a fun and intuitive way of recording notes. The application will offer quizzes based on questions created by the user.

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