Being and Belonging: Student-Teachers' Contextual Engagement in Schools

Donlon, Enda, McDonald, Elaine, Fitzsimons, Sabrina and Sexton, P. J. (2020) Being and Belonging: Student-Teachers' Contextual Engagement in Schools. Australian Journal of Teacher Education, 45 (6). pp. 96-113.


While School Placement is long established as a central component of Initial Teacher Education programmes, there is an increasing awareness that these placement experiences should go beyond the practical activities most directly associated with teaching. This paper considers how engagement in a school placement period with a focus on non-teaching activities contributes to the professional and personal development of student-teachers, and to their sense of 'belonging' while on placement. Drawing primarily on the analysis of data obtained from online logs maintained by student-teachers during this predominantly non-teaching placement, it establishes the activities that they engaged in, and their reflections and opinions about the value of these experiences and this practicum placement. Findings include an increased sense of belonging to the school community, greater confidence and a stronger sense of identity as teacher.

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