Implementation of a Two-Way Feedback (Student-Faculty) During Learning Anatomy

Eladl, Mohamed Ahmed (2016) Implementation of a Two-Way Feedback (Student-Faculty) During Learning Anatomy.


Background: Assessment of learning could promote deep learning, but it does not provide sufficient feedback to drive further learning and training. Although the students are subjected to some formative exams throughout the PBL units, feedback is not given appropriately and timely. We noticed that students want to know and use the reasoning behind judgments and they are always complaining that assessment criteria need to be explained. Aim of the work: The aim of this project is to implement a two-way feedback session (TWFS), in which both faculty and students have an opportunity to discuss their reflections on learning and examination processes. Methods: An Anatomy formative assessment is introduced to 100 students followed by implementation of TWFS. The faculty members provided the students with a structured and timely feedback on their performance in general and on the formative exam in particular. Also, the students reflected on the whole learning process, including the real examination experience and contents. The researcher used HSE Change model through the project and the reaction was measured using quantitative and qualitative instruments, covering level one of the Kirkpatrick model. Results: High satisfaction toward TWFS implementation was obtained. The students and the faculty recommended the implementation of this session in different courses and units. Conclusion: TWFS has been implemented and both students and faculty agreed that it enhanced the students’ learning and performance by helping them identify gaps between standard and actual performance. It also helped faculty to adapt teaching to learners needs and to keep up with their progress.

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