Infographic Mania: Engaging a Visual Culture

Farrell, Hazel (2021) Infographic Mania: Engaging a Visual Culture.


As a necessary acknowledgement of the visual culture of the technological age we live in today, the responsibility to evolve and progress educational practices to reflect this environment lies with us all. The expectation that information should be available at a glance is a reality, however, this also provides us with an opportunity to improve student engagement. The benefits of using visuals to enhance interpretation capabilities in addition to improving recall and retention capacity cannot be denied, and the potential for this concept to be developed further, stimulated the introduction of infographics as a teaching and learning tool into my own practice.

Three distinct infographic projects were undertaken in the past year. The first was a National Forum funded project to transform the student handbook into a more accessible and visually engaging format. The presentation of important information such as the programme of study, module descriptors, assessments, and marking criteria in a focused and clear visual format was considered a positive step in enhancing effective communicating with the learners.

In response to the need for more flexible assessment types in the context of the current pandemic, the second project involved producing infographics on open book exams for students and educators. The lack of understanding and misconceptions surrounding open book exams prompted this initiative. The infographics provided clear information on the concept, preparation, and exam itself in an easily accessible format.

The final project represented the introduction of infographics as an assessment type with emphasis on research skills, critical thinking, application of knowledge, and peer learning. This also provided students with the opportunity to assert their own identities evidenced by the diverse creative approaches to the assessment.

This presentation will provide insight into each of these projects in addition to outlining future plans for developing the use of infographics as a progressive educational tool.

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