Using online primary sources to foster historical thinking

Farrell, Orna and Brunton, James (2016) Using online primary sources to foster historical thinking.


This paper describes an ongoing initiative to enhance learner digital literacies by fostering historical thinking using digitized primary sources. Engaging with primary sources is central to the development of authentic critical historical thinking. In the past thirty years, millions of primary sources have been digitized by libraries and archives and has created a wealth of rich content for historians and history students. However the sheer scale of sources material, websites and questions about source quality make it a challenging research environment for learners. Based on current tutor and student feedback, additional support material that could increase access to these valuable open educational resources would be well received. The initiative is creating a set of learning materials which will support the use of online primary sources and enhance the learner experience. These learning materials will support flexible/off-campus learners and their development of research skills in the six BA in Humanities (Open Education) history modules. The learning materials are comprised of:
 An interactive guide to online primary sources
 An accompanying social bookmarking web page- Diigo
 An online tutorial to practise finding, evaluating and using online primary sources

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