Socially Distanced Higher Education: Redesigning Progress

Finnegan-Kessie, Threase, Vaugh, Trevor, Donnellan, Peter and Oswald, Teghan (2020) Socially Distanced Higher Education: Redesigning Progress. AISHE-J: The All Ireland Journal of Teaching & Learning in Higher Education, 12 (3).


The social distancing measures developed as an attempt to control the Covid-19 outbreak have had a major, long lasting effect on every aspect of society. Higher Education was dramatically affected by these social distancing measures, leading to the closure of campuses around the globe and the move to continue facilitating student learning online. In order to develop a Higher Education system in a future where the results of Covid-19 will be long lasting in our society, we require insight into the priorities of the Higher Education Institution as a whole. Here, we present a small sample of staff and student experiences of teaching and learning during the Covid-19 lockdown. Through their experiences, we see that the Higher Education Institution continued to ensure functional progress of students and staff during the lockdown; however, other equally important forms of progress were not prioritised. We argue that as we move into the future of Higher Education, it is vital that any changes made to the system take into account the ability for students to make functional, social and emotional progress through their studies.

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