Communication across Cultures: When the Virtual Meets the Classroom

Giralt, Marta (2020) Communication across Cultures: When the Virtual Meets the Classroom.


This chapter showcases the implementation of an E+VE (Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange) project in a 'broadening module' (elective content-specific modules offered across the university curricula) at the University of Limerick (UL), entitled 'Communication Across Cultures'. The pedagogical approach follows a blended learning model where face-to-face lectures are combined with the "Cultural Encounters" programme series of iOOCs (interactive Open Online Courses) offered by E+VE. This pedagogical practice has received positive feedback due to the practical appropriateness and effectiveness of the VE to the module, and has also been successful in terms of intercultural awareness and learning, in addition to the development of intercultural competence and communication skills. [For the complete volume, "Designing and Implementing Virtual Exchange -- A Collection of Case Studies," see ED609252.]

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