UCD Access Symposium Proceedings 2017

Kelly, Anna M. and Mulcahy, Grace (2017) UCD Access Symposium Proceedings 2017.


The UCD Access Symposium was held in University College Dublin on June 9th 2017. These Symposium Proceedings are part of a series chronicling UCD's journey to becoming a diverse and inclusive scholarly community. The aim of this publication is to contribute to the scholarship and practice of inclusion, and help advance the integration of access and widening participation into everyday life in higher education. This Symposium Proceedings is laid out in 6 sections. The keynote address by Professor, Diane Reay, University of Cambridge, focuses on efforts to widening access and participation in the UK and explored why it has not resulted in a more socially just HE system. Inclusive Practice in UCD features the book review by Professor Lizbeth Goodman, UCD. UCD Community Outreach showcases three examples of outreach and engagement practice, while Mainstream Academic Support describes four creative examples of mainstream academic support.

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