Cultural Competence - Practical Tips for Educators [HPEC Fast Facts].pdf

Kelly, Helen (2021) Cultural Competence - Practical Tips for Educators [HPEC Fast Facts].pdf.


Third level education is becoming more globalised and with it comes the challenges of catering for a diverse student population.There has been much discussion on the globalisation of higher education which has largely focused on the opportunities for multicultural campuses and skills to be gained from studying in this environment (Murray & Muller, 2019; Vertovec, 2010). Equally, the associated challenges of integration and intercultural competence development in such a complex environment have also been the subject of much discussion (Byram, 1997; Volet & Ang, 2012).However, there has been limited focus on the challenges for educators and learners in this environment, and less discussion on approaches to the pedagogical challenges facing international learners (see Image 1), and their progression through their course of studies (Arkoudis et al., 2013).This Fast Facts edition aims to give a brief background to learning and teaching for both international students and educators respectively, and to provide guidance and resources for diverse higher level learning contexts.Helen Kelly, Guest Writer, HPEC Fast Facts

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