Communication activity implementation over 3 engineering universities: Values and challenges

Leandro Cruz, M., Carthy, D., Craps, S., Nagy, B. V., Murphy, M., Jarvinen, H. M., Kalman, A., Dassault, Systemes, Hungarian, Energy and Public Utility Regulatory, Authority (2020) Communication activity implementation over 3 engineering universities: Values and challenges. 47th SEFI Annual Conference 2019 - Varietas Delectat: Complexity is the New Normality. pp. 689-698.


The urgency to stimulate transversal competencies is evident and acknowledged by accreditation commissions and institutions. For this reason, higher engineering education has developed practices and implemented in the engineering curricula elements that stimulate these competencies. However, educators find difficulties in developing and implementing them due to lack of time or experience, space in the degrees, or lack of institution support. This study describes a communication activity created and implemented over three engineering education institutions as part of a European knowledge alliance project and presents the values and challenges experienced by the universities after its implementation. Students carried out a short questionnaire at the end of the activity and the data from the three institutions were compared. The findings of this study showed that students perceived that this communication activity helped them to understand the importance of communication skills, and because of its nature of plug and play it was easily transferable to the three universities. This study provides educators with a new educational practice easy to implement and effective to stimulate student reflection on their communication skills. © 2020 SEFI 47th Annual Conference: Varietas Delectat... Complexity is the New Normality, Proceedings. All rights reserved.

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