Developing your Online Teaching [HPEC Fast Facts]

Moffett, Jenny (2020) Developing your Online Teaching [HPEC Fast Facts].


Last month unfolded with (hopefully) once-in-a-lifetimecircumstances for us all. The RCSI community has been trulyinspirational in pulling together to maintain a quality learningexperience for our students transitioning into an onlinelearning environment. As we settle into a near future ofphysical distancing and restrictions, it’s difficult to drawconclusions as to what will happen next.However, in the same way that necessity is the mother ofinvention, uncertainty can be a catalyst for learning. In thisedition of Fast Facts we explore ways in which educators candevelop their online teaching skills using practical, achievablestrategies.In recognition that many of us are managing a unique set ofhome and family commitments, we have arranged theactivities according to the time that you have. Advice? Startsmall, pick something meaningful, and exercise self-compassion.Jenny MoffettEditor, HPEC Fast Facts

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