Disability Awareness and University Staff Training in Ireland (Practice Brief)

Padden, Lisa and Ellis, Carol (2015) Disability Awareness and University Staff Training in Ireland (Practice Brief). Journal of Postsecondary Education and Disability, 28 (4). pp. 433-445.


It is vital that all university staff have awareness of the difficulties that may be experienced by students with disabilities. Staff must be given the knowledge and resources to support these students effectively. University College Dublin (UCD) Access & Lifelong Learning has developed a communication and training strategy to improve disability awareness among staff in UCD, Ireland. This article will outline the development and implementation of this strategy as a model that could be adapted in other institutions. In particular, this Practice Brief will outline the training options provided for staff with a focus on the implementation of Universal Design for Instruction (UDI). Inclusivity and accessibility are vital components in the approach to design and delivery of education at all levels. This article gives an overview of the practical tips and advice given to Faculty in UCD who wish to implement the principles of UDI in their own work.

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