The place of research in teacher education

Peiser, Gillian, Beauchamp, Gary, Clarke, Linda, Hulme, Moira, Jephcote, Martin, Kennedy, Aileen, Magennis, Geraldine, Menter, Ian, Murray, Jean, Mutton, Trevor, O’Doherty, Teresa and Cochran-Smith, Marilyn (2016) The place of research in teacher education. Teacher education in times of change. pp. 161-178.


This chapter explores (a) how different types of research are fundamental in informing programme content (research in teacher education) and (b) how teacher education research is also useful in influencing programme design and structure (research on teacher education) (Cochran-Smith and Demers, 2008). The discussion of research in teacher education will present a rationale for research-rich teacher preparation and development and then review three different types of research: pedagogical content knowledge, professional enquiry, and innovative modes of integrating theory and practice. The analysis of research on teacher education will pay particular attention to the insights gleaned into how teachers learn, and

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