The art of auscultation – a digitally enhanced learning resource

Pfeiffer, Shona and Kennelly, Patrick (2021) The art of auscultation – a digitally enhanced learning resource.


Interpretation of complex auscultation concepts as a student is a difficult skill, traditionally developed through repeated patient exposure, and this difficulty extends to the teaching of such concepts. This resource embeds cardiac, respiratory, and gastrointestinal auscultation sounds, visualisations, and descriptions into a clinical e-book resource, with graduated progression from simplistic to challenging auscultation sounds and variations of the same pathology in slow motion and real-time. The aim of this e-book is to promote a learner-centred active approach, enhancing self-directed and distanced learning. Students develop a deeper understanding and appreciation of complex auscultation concepts, bridging the gap between theory and clinical practice. Furthermore this learning tool enhances the teaching and delivery of challenging auscultation concepts, bringing to life both physiological and pathological auscultation sounds. The resource provides unlimited access to high quality original and licenced learning material for the RCSI community and beyond.

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