Moodle Questions in Four Dimensions

Quigley, Cormac (2021) Moodle Questions in Four Dimensions.


This Gasta takes a look at the application of a variety of question types in Moodle and ways in which they can be used to interact with students. Using certain question types it is possible to gather information about how students have engaged in the real world (four dimensions) such as a laboratory, workshop or other setting and deliver feedback which is particular to their experience. In particular, by using formula questions it is possible to implement a wide range of grading strategies such as comparison to an expected value or comparison to students own values, discrete marking categories or sliding scale marking and free range of values or multiple choice.
Possibly of greater interest is that this offers a means to capture the results and calculations of each student for later analysis. Using this method we can identify patterns in student behavior, primary causes of errors and misunderstandings. In this short talk we will have a look at the responses students make and what this tells us about how they behave in the lab. Finally, we can also look at how students progress after exposure to different learning scenarios by their quiz responses and how they change over time.
This talk aims to provide an interesting insight into a creative way of breaking Moodle's fourth wall.

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