NCIProjects: Technical Report

Ryan, Nathan (2017) NCIProjects: Technical Report.


The main objective of the NCIProjects assignment was to develop a web-based portal for use within National College of Ireland wherein 4th Year Students can upload all their personal details and information regarding their final year project in a specified format. The project was undertaken to replace the outdated and inefficient methods of developing the Project Showcase Booklet used in the annual Project Showcase in the college and is also sent to employers and guests who attend Project Showcase.

This project was also a study into Usability with careful consideration given to design patterns and users in regards to how they will interact with and use the system.

The project as developed to make the process of creating the Showcase Booklet easier and efficient for both college staff and students.

The web portal was developed using with ASP.NET MVC framework, SQL Server and Azure web hosting amongst other technologies and can be found at

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