Experiential Learning in the Large Classroom Using Performative Pedagogy

Donovan, Paul and Hood, Alison (2021) Experiential Learning in the Large Classroom Using Performative Pedagogy. Journal of Management Education, 45 (3). pp. 344-359. ISSN 1052-5629


Experiential learning (EL) is widely believed to lead to enhanced student engagement. This form of learning, however, may be difficult to implement in the large class sizes so common today. This case study describes an initiative involving performative pedagogy using interdisciplinary teaching and learning in an undergraduate class of 150 students from a change management module in the School of Business and an ensemble performance module in the Music Department in an Irish University. The students utilized acting, music, dance, and role-play in a large enrolment setting. Postprogram surveys and focus group interviews of students found that students responded positively to the initiative. Students also rated the class as more engaging than other subjects in which they were registered. Reflective essays written by students showed evidence of deep reflection and learning and these formed the basis for our discussion of the implications of this approach for management education. Future research should examine the effects of performative learning on student performance in terminal examinations.

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