Reflections on Sustainability Issues in Learning Object Development

Carroll, Paula, Flaherty, Niall and Ovenden, Bard (2019) Reflections on Sustainability Issues in Learning Object Development. In: Fifth International Conference on Higher Education Advances, 26 junio 2019 - 28 junio 2019.


Data science is a relatively new requirement in business curricula. Historically many business students have shied away from business statistics. We describe a project to create learning objects to enhance business students confidence and capabilities in performing statistical and analytics business tasks. In this paper we focus on the content development process, rather than the impact of the learning objects on student learning outcomes.We reflect on the steps in the learning object design and implementation project and conclude that the Plan, Act, Observe and Reflect iterative cycle worked well for the project team. We include recommendations on how this framework could be augmented to improve the sustainability of learning objects.

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