Enterprise education in initial teacher education in Ireland

Tiernan, Peter (2016) Enterprise education in initial teacher education in Ireland. Education + Training, 58 (7/8). ISSN 0040-0912



The purpose of this paper is to examine the impact of enterprise education on students’ understanding of and attitudes to entrepreneurship and enterprise education in initial teacher education.

This paper builds on current literature by introducing student teachers to the theory and practice of entrepreneurship and enterprise education, with a particular focus on experience based approaches. Quantitative and qualitative data are used to evaluate student understanding and attitudes.

Findings indicate that exposing student teachers to entrepreneurship and enterprise education specifically targeted at their subject area greatly increases their understanding of its importance and relevance. Students developed their ability to think and act in enterprising ways while recognising the benefits of incorporating enterprise education into their classrooms of the future.

While literature on the value of entrepreneurship and enterprise education outside of business contexts is widespread, relatively few studies have been conducted which examine the impact of interventions in initial teacher education. This paper provides a unique look at the implementation of an entrepreneurship in education module and its impact on student teachers.

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