Learning Technologists - changing a culture or preaching to the converted?

Flynn, Sharon (2015) Learning Technologists - changing a culture or preaching to the converted? In: The Really Useful #EdTech Book. David Hopkins, pp. 199-217. ISBN 1503110842


The role of a learning technologist is varied (Hopkins, 2013), we are involved in lots of different activities, and no two days are ever the same. We are constantly meeting and working with a variety of people, especially those of us who are based in a central unit. In any particular day, we may be involved in meetings, phone calls, online sessions, workshops, seminars, training sessions and events for professional development. But does it ever feel like we are seeing the same faces all the time? When we run events, is it the same reliable few that participate. Are we preaching to the converted?

There is no doubt that learning technologists are busy people, but is all our activity making a real difference to the institution as a whole? Is good practice in the use of technology really being embedded in teaching and learning activities. Are we changing the culture of our institutions?

In this chapter we argue that culture, in different forms, has a significant effect on the work of learning technologists and that it can be a barrier to the adoption of new technologies. We consider the work of the learning technologist and what opportunities may exist to change culture. Finally, a case study is presented which attempts to measure the longer term impact of a professional development module in the area of Learning Technologies, and to answer the question - are we changing a culture or preaching to the converted?

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