Innovating medical handover training

Druener, Susanne, Stieger, Lina, Orrego, Carola, Drachsler, Hendrik, Hynes, Helen and Sopka, Saša (2014) Innovating medical handover training. In: Association for Medical Education in Europe (AMEE), Excellence in Education - the 21st Century Teacher, 30 August - 3 September 2014, Milan, Italy.


Background : The World Health Organization names inaccurate handovers as one of the High 5 patient safety risks. However, there are no specific medical handover teaching and training requirements for medical students available in Europe. The EU-funded PATIENT project aims to address this deficiency by developing novel handover learning and training opportunities in medical education across Europe. Summary of Work: Experts from Germany, The Netherlands, Ireland and Spain have developed standardized handover training modules for medical students to be implemented in medical schools in Europe. Well-defined and evidence-based learning outcomes have been identified based on a training needs analysis of target groups as well as a group concept mapping involving international experts. The project is developing targeted modules to teach handover in various settings, with explicit learning outcomes, educational resources and appropriate teaching methods. Summary of Results: Detailed curricula are being developed in the following key areas: 1. “Effective Communication” 2. “Risks and Errors” 3. “Simulation” All educational materials are complemented by resources available at the interactive HANDOVER Toolbox ( Discussion and Conclusions: The PATIENT Project provides a platform for innovative and high-quality handover training for medical students and is an important step towards decreasing medical error and improving patient safety in Europe. Take-home messages: Accurate and effective patient handovers are a key element in improving patient safety and quality of care. It is essential to start this training at the level of Medical Schools to help transform healthcare. Join the discussion on !

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