The Irish Survey of Student Engagement

Drennan, Jonathan, O’Reilly, Sean, O’Connor, Muiris, O’Driscoll, Cat, Patterson, Vivienne, Purser, Lewis and Murray, Jim (2014) The Irish Survey of Student Engagement. In: Engaging University Students. Springer Singapore, pp. 109-125. ISBN 978-981-4585-62-0, 978-981-4585-63-7


Higher education in Ireland has gone through rapid change in the last decade. Concerns about quality have grown with expansion of the system. A number of reports have suggested that one way to address such concerns is for students to participate in evaluative processes. A collaborative process was established involving statutory bodies, representatives from the institute of technology and university sectors and student bodies to develop the Irish Survey of Student Engagement (ISSE). This chapter outlines development of the ISSE, and discusses how the data will be used to enhance student development, engagement and transition. The chapter also discusses how the ISSE will be used to understand how students from diverse backgrounds, as well as first-year and postgraduate students, are engaged with higher education.

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