Increasing student involvement and learning through using debate as an assessment

Doody, O. and Condon, M. (2012) Increasing student involvement and learning through using debate as an assessment. pp. 232-237. ISSN 14715953 (ISSN)


Assessment has long been recognised as the single most influential factor in shaping what and how students in higher education choose to learn and the quality of learning outcomes depends on the quality of assessment. Within intellectual disability nursing the student are prepared within a biopsychosocial educational model and curriculum address these challenges. Structured student debates have great potential for promoting competence and in-depth knowledge of substantive topics relevant to practice. Like other interactive assignments designed to more closely resemble real-world activities, issue-oriented debates actively engage students in course content. Allowing students to develop and exercise skills that translate to practice activities. Most importantly debates help to stimulate critical thinking by shaking students free from established opinions and helping them to appreciate the complexities involved in practice. This article identifies the use of a debate as an assessment method within an intellectual disability nursing programme and a student's reflective comment on the process, and their experience of a debate as their assessment method. © 2012 Elsevier Ltd.

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