Online communities of inquiry in higher education

Donohoe, A., McMahon, T. and O'Neill, G. (2008) Online communities of inquiry in higher education. In: Applied E-Learning and E-Teaching in Higher Education. IGI Global, pp. 262-288. ISBN 9781599048147 (ISBN)


The primary purpose of this chapter is to explore how online communities of inquiry can be developed to facilitate students to engage in reflective practice. The discussion begins with a critical review of the literature, examining the role of educational technology within higher education and the need to develop pedagogical frameworks for its use in practice. An overview of an action research study is presented that used communities of inquiry to facilitate registered nurses to critically reflect on clinical practice. The preliminary findings from focus group interviews indicate that learners viewed their participation in online communities of inquiry as a beneficial aid to reflection. The chapter concludes with recommendations for practice and for further research in the area of online communities of inquiry. © 2009, IGI Global.

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