Integrating Alternate Reality Games and Social Media in Engineering Education

Zheleva, S. and Zhelev, T. (2011) Integrating Alternate Reality Games and Social Media in Engineering Education. In: Computer Aided Chemical Engineering. UNSPECIFIED, pp. 1150-1154. ISBN 15707946 (ISSN)


The successful use of technology in the 21st century education requires the development of learning environments based on contemporary educational theory. A new approach that could facilitate personal coaching and supervision, distributed and collaborative laboratory work through carefully balanced hybrid environment of game-assisted learning, social media, and conventional instruction should be considered. This paper investigates the usefulness of such hybrid learning spaces as educationally viable tools. From one side it demonstrates how social media can be utilised as a platform for effective e-learning to benefit student development and to create proactive campus communities, both of which form the basis of student culture. From other side, this approach utilises the concept of alternate reality game, which integrates digital gaming and simulation, with robust mobile communication infrastructure for a novel multilevel educational experience. The alternate reality game is focused on the field of process systems engineering directed towards eco-efficient industrial energy management. While e-learning and virtual environments are commonly used in colleges and social media is commonly used by students, this paper promotes the beneficial integration of these activities together for a more effective learning strategy. The proposed approach attempts to educate and in the same time - to engage and entertain learners. © 2011 Elsevier B.V.

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