An inquiry into the current and future uses of digital video in University teaching

Tiernan, P. (2013) An inquiry into the current and future uses of digital video in University teaching. Education and Information Technologies. pp. 1-16. ISSN 13602357 (ISSN)


Research indicates that student use of digital video has increased dramatically in recent years, both for personal and academic use; suggesting an opportunity to further incorporate its use in education. Educators too have recognised this trend, and see the value in providing students with academic video content. This inquiry begins by examining current uses of digital video in a wide range of educational settings, to establish the role it plays in supporting and enhancing student learning. Following this, some of the challenges present in the literature are outlined, specifically the challenges of providing relevant video content, and developing teaching and learning methodologies for use with digital video. Future opportunities and directions for the use of video in education are then examined and discussed, with attention given to the prospect of academic online video platforms. In the methodology section, the process of integrating digital videos into lectures is explained, along with some of the challenges and obstacles faced. Findings presented indicate that students value the use of digital video in lectures, and would like to see its use become more ubiquitous in education. Finally, students' readiness for an online video platform for viewing, sharing, and discussing content is outlined, indicating a predominantly positive disposition for such a platform. © 2013 Springer Science+Business Media New York.

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