Student evaluation of E-Learning in Psychiatry: Used and helpful?

Tessema, H., Schneider, I., Guerandel, A., Holloway, P., Watts, N. and Malone, K. (2013) Student evaluation of E-Learning in Psychiatry: Used and helpful? In: 6th scientific meeting of the Irish Network of Medical Educators (INMED), 21st February to Friday 22nd February 2013, University College Dublin, Dublin, Ireland.


Introduction E-Learning: is defined as instruction delivered on a digital device such as a computer or mobile that is intended to support learning. E-Learning is increasingly becoming widely used in medical education. E-Learning has been used in the teaching of psychiatry to UCD undergraduate students since 2002. OBJECTIVES Evaluate the uptake of e-Learning units in psychiatry and assess students’ views on the utility of e-Learning units in facilitating learning. METHODS Two groups of students that completed clinical two psychiatry module in the semester year 2011/2012 were selected to partake in the evaluation. At the end of each six week attachment students were given a paper questionnaire on e-learning. Students’ anonymity was respected and questionnaire was filled on voluntary basis only. RESULTS There is a high user rate and positive experience towards e-Learning in psychiatry. Ninety two percent of the student group responded that e-learning and blackboard material was helpful in aiding learning in psychiatry and it was only 7.4% who responded that it was not helpful. The e-learning units on history taking and interview skills had the highest user uptake at 93.75% followed by Affective disorders (84.3%), Psychopharmacology (76.92%) and Delirium (61.54%). A small proportion of students having used the e-learning units responded that it did not facilitate their learning. This emphasizes the need to reinforce knowledge gained from e-learning through direct clinical exposure. Conclusions: There is a very high student user rate of E-learning in psychiatry. E-learning units prioritizing core subject matter which students are expected to master are popular with students. E- Learning in psychiatry is not a replacement to face to face teaching and clinical exposure but properly blended in the curriculum contributes to enhance the learning experience.

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