The academic/student partnership: the ideal combination for developing teaching/learning packages

Tattersall, A., Ennis, R., Ryan, B., Creane, D., Kelly, B., Last, J. and Giles, S. (2013) The academic/student partnership: the ideal combination for developing teaching/learning packages. In: 6th scientific meeting of the Irish Network of Medical Educators (INMED), 21st February to Friday 22nd February 2013, University College Dublin, Dublin, Ireland.


Background With the rapid development of educational technology, teachers need to keep pace with student needs. In this regard, consideration must be given to the various ways one can develop and deliver existing and new material and to the various media through which this can be disseminated. The student is the target. It therefore makes sense, for teachers to be informed by, and involve students in the development of new teaching products. This study, reports on the experience of one such academic/student team, which was formed to develop an anatomy teaching package. SUMMARY OF WORK Based on student feedback to an initial basic interactive anatomy teaching tool we decided to develop the next product using an academic/student team. The latter was formed after an advertising/interview process and comprised of 2 academics and 4 students, with each person making a unique contribution. SUMMARY OF RESULTS Anatomical Picture Explorer (forearm) was developed incorporating digitally enhanced anatomical drawings, cadaveric and radiographic images and a comprehensive self-test platform. This product was designed to supplement the existing lecture/dissection schedule. The teacher/student perspectives were addressed at all times through constant constructive dialogue. In addition, many offshoot project ideas were generated. DISCUSSION AND CONCLUSIONS Our starting point was that learning should be an enjoyable experience. The team experience was at all times enjoyable, resulting in a product that we feel will be both fun yet taxing to use. We therefore approach the evaluation of the effectiveness of this product with confidence.

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