A comparative study of the implementation of EMI in Europe, Asia and Africa

Tamtam, A. G., Gallagher, F., Olabi, A. G. and Naher, S. (2012) A comparative study of the implementation of EMI in Europe, Asia and Africa. [Conference Proceedings]


Teaching higher education in English Medium Instruction (EMI) is one of the most important changes made in education policies in many non speaking countries over the world recently. EMI is claimed to have not received enough consideration in Europe. Asia and Africa. This paper presents an investigation, which was carried out from the available literature to discuss the possible ways of implementing EMI in engineering education in Libya. This paper also focuses on the possibilities of implementing EMI in higher education systems in non English countries in Europe, Asia and Africa and problems faced by these countries and suggested solutions. The study find that English proficiency achieved through EMI will increase the chances for graduated students to get better positions on the labour market. Most of countries witness similar problems in courses of the EMI adoption, which include: less funding, lack of qualified teaching staff, lack of students' understanding and interest and cultural opposition. (C) 2012 Published by Elsevier Ltd.

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