An autonomous approach to safe machine tool operation and education

Seery, N., Gaughran, W. and Waldmann, T. (2007) An autonomous approach to safe machine tool operation and education. [Conference Proceedings]


On considering international competitiveness and economic sustainability, the dynamics and complexities of the workplace are more challenging now than ever before. Consequently, a methodical approach to how students learn and construct meaning is becoming increasingly important in light of the demands put on graduate engineers. Although engaging engineering students in a constructivist educational paradigm is desirable and ensures a 'deeper' learning experience, it is not always feasible. Two factors that traditionally mitigate against constructivist education within workshop practice are time constraints and health and safety. This paper discusses a non-behavioural approach to educating engineering students on the key content and psychomotor skill development necessary to competently operate a milling machine. The strategic design focuses on a computer-facilitated machine-tool training partner that assists novice users in operating the milling machine. The approach was devised to facilitate the cognitive characteristics of engineering students at the University of Limerick, while ensuring a participative pedagogical paradigm. © American Society for Engineering Education, 2007.

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