Medical education: The state of the art

Salerno-Kennedy, R. and O'Flynn, S. (2010) Medical education: The state of the art. Medical Education: The State of the Art . Nova Science Publishers, Inc.. ISBN 9781608761944 (ISBN)


This book addresses the topics that are central to the provision of medical education. A group of experts who present a state-of-the- art review on a broad, and comprehensive, range of topics have contributed. They cover issues that have a broad application to all students, and also for the specific challenges that relate to medical education. Importantly a group of experts from within have been collected, and from outside the home institution - the Medical School at University College Cork. Thus, in addition to providing a comprehensive review of contemporary principles of medical education, provided, as well, is a practical basis demonstrating how these principles have been applied in the comprehensive process of curricular reform at a single institution. © 2010 by Nova Science Publishers, Inc. All rights reserved.

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