Mechatronics at third level education: Practical design considerations

Saleh, M. (2006) Mechatronics at third level education: Practical design considerations. [Conference Proceedings]


In the last decades, the success and the popularity of mechatronic products in the global market may have been the catalyst to develop new mechatronic courses at third level education. This has led to a new way of engineering thinking and new methodology of engineering education. As with any new initiative, mechatronic education at third level has been subjected to ongoing debates and development as to challenge the engineering global needs. This paper reviews a practical method for implementing a mechatronic course at third level. It takes into account the design philosophy and modeling strategy of mechatronic products for student projects. This could be a valuable insight into mechatronic engineering teaching and learning process that may satisfy industrial needs and market expectations for skills and technology. © 2006 IEEE.

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