Seven Factors for the Quality Assurance of International Higher Education

O'Leary, C., Hussey, M., Wu, B. and Xu, X. (2012) Seven Factors for the Quality Assurance of International Higher Education. In: Software Industry-Oriented Education Practices and Curriculum Development: Experiences and Lessons. UNSPECIFIED, pp. 167-189.


As education becomes accepted as a service like any other, the market for trade of education services has developed significantly, with a diversity of providers competing to provide education outside their national boundaries. As well as providing an international experience to students, this can facilitate the sharing of expertise among students, educators, and policy makers who can learn from successes in other countries. This appears to be particularly important in the education market for software engineers and computing professionals, where the knowledge base is rapidly evolving. This requires, however, careful management of the service provision, which results in increased focus on quality assurance. Assuring quality is made difficult by many factors, some shared with quality assurance of education in general, and others unique to the international context. We present seven factors that represent the core challenges for the quality assurance of international higher education, and as such, represent a valuable tool for computing educators and others either currently involved in, or intending to become involved in, the international education market.

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