Personalized activity based eLearning

O'Keeffe, I., Staikopoulos, A., Rafter, R., Walsh, E., Yousuf, B., Conlan, O. and Wade, V. (2012) Personalized activity based eLearning. [Conference Proceedings]


The aim of personalizing web information systems is to tailor content (media) to the user's personal preferences, goals and context, in turn increasing the reusability of that content. However, most developers are increasingly seeking to apply 'Web as a Platform' based approaches where web-based content is integrated with web services to provide the platform and environment features that were traditionally offered by desktop environments and applications. Therefore, next generation personalized web information systems need to be capable of dynamically personalizing, adapting and integrating web content and web services to create customized experiences for individual users. The goal of the research presented in this paper is to provide innovative techniques and technologies to achieve this. As part of this research, a novel architecture for the generation of Personalized Learning Activities, which highlights both the need for, and the power of combining and personalizing content and services has been developed. The system has been evaluated in the context of a Higher Education use case based on the user's perception of three key elements of the Personalized Learning Activity: the personalization, the usability and the educational benefits. © 2012 ACM.

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