Diabetes: an E-learning Prescribing Module

O’Reilly, Z., Branigan, T., Spooner, M., Strawbridge, J., McElvaney, N.G. and Gallagher, P. (2013) Diabetes: an E-learning Prescribing Module. In: 6th scientific meeting of the Irish Network of Medical Educators (INMED), 21st February to Friday 22nd February 2013, University College Dublin, Dublin, Ireland.


Introduction Diabetes Mellitus is one of the most common chronic diseases in the developed world. Diabetes Ireland estimated that there are nearly 191,000 people living in Ireland with Diabetes Mellitus in 2011. 1 in 20 people suffer from either type 1 or type 2 diabetes mellitus. Approximately 25% of diabetic patients have experienced a medication error with their insulin or anti-hyperglycaemic agents. OBJECTIVES The aim of the research product was to review the literature regarding the prevalence of prescribing errors in hospitals among students and to review the literature concerning different e-Learning methods and the success of blended learning. The second aim was to review the literature regarding diabetes mellitus medications. The final aim was to construct an eLearning module for the purpose of educating final year medical and pharmacy students as well as medical and pharmacy interns. METHOD Different databases were searched in order to review the literature using particular keywords. A two day visit was completed to a Diabetes day clinic in a Dublin Hospital. E-Learning modules were constructed using the software package Wibma create®. Multiple choice questions (MCQs) were written and uploaded to RCSI’s Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) so that they can be used to asses students knowledge before and after completion of the e-Learning prescribing module. RESULTS The results from the literature review illustrate that blended learning- which includes teacher lead interaction, e-Learning and web-based assessment is the most acceptable and effective way of learning. Results also emphasised the importance of good e-Learning development. Results also show that 1 in 4 diabetic patients experienced a medication error due to prescribing practices. CONCLUSIONS An e-learning prescribing module on diabetes mellitus medications was created based on the literature about these medications, consultations with endocrine doctors and diabetes specialist nurses. This has been validated by a consultant endocrinologist and will be made available to final year medical students and pharmacy interns in RCSI for next year. This will provide a valuable resource for learning about these complex medications and a reference source for students and junior medics and pharmacists.

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