Frameworks for qualifications in teaching and learning in higher education

O’Neill, Geraldine and Mac Labhrainn, Iain (2004) Frameworks for qualifications in teaching and learning in higher education. [Conference Proceedings]


The Irish higher education system has recently seen the development of more certified courses available for University staff in the area of teaching and learning. The development of new Higher/Postgraduate Diplomas in Teaching and Learning is becoming more widespread around the Universities in Ireland. In addition, there are frameworks developing to link these with new Masters and PhD's in the area of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education. In dealing with academic staff attending such courses, the co-ordinators (educational developers) are challenged to practice what they preach in the areas of self-directed, student-centred learning, innovative assessments, reflective practice etc. How have the co-ordinators risen to these challenges? The cultural environment of the different Irish institutions has influenced the manner and structure in which these courses have developed. In contrast, there are often concerns for academic standards in trying to support various cultures. How do they therefore link in with the mission of higher education in Ireland and how do they compare with similar international courses? Traditionally, staff had access to one-day courses, but there was often no follow through from these days. With the introduction of courses that are more continuous, how is it impacting on the improvement of teaching and learning practices in the Institutions? This paper examines the development for two such courses, i.e. NUI, Galway and NUI, Dublin (UCD).

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