Iumela - The inception of an intelligent modular education learning assistant

McGovern, E., Collier, R. and Mangina, E. (2007) Iumela - The inception of an intelligent modular education learning assistant. [Conference Proceedings]


University College Dublin has made an unprecedented transition from its once traditional educational metaphor to a modularised education framework, the first of its kind in Ireland. This paper questions whether students, who are unfamiliar with the concepts of modularisation, can successfully make informed decisions, ensuring success from specifically tailored module combinations. It presents IUMELA, an intelligent modularised-education learning assistant for use in a mobile context to aid in this career-making decision making process. Using multi-agent systems and their associated expert systems, it recommends appropriate modules based on the students own requirements. Proclaimed as a new departure, the ubiquitous multi agent systems technologies are capable of transcending the boundaries of the traditional into a world of innovative intelligent mobile learning, where software components embedded with intelligent learning assistants can enhance the third level students academic career.

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