Effect of feedback on obstetrics and gynecology residents' teaching performance and attitudes

Mass, S., Shah, S. S., Daly, S. X. and Sultana, C. J. (2001) Effect of feedback on obstetrics and gynecology residents' teaching performance and attitudes. Journal of Reproductive Medicine, 46 (7). pp. 669-674.


OBJECTIVE: To evaluate obstetrics and gynecology residents' teaching performance, perception of the importance of teaching and satisfaction with their evaluations after the institution of an oral or written medical student feedback and award system. STUDY DESIGN: Residents at a single, university-based obstetrics and gynecology program were assigned to receive either oral, written or no medical student feedback on their teaching skills in a prospective, randomized, controlled trial. Students rated resident performance in seven teaching categories. Residents' scores per six-week block were evaluated for one year. Questionnaires addressing resident attitudes toward feedback were collected at baseline and at 6 and 12 months. All residents then received written feedback and public awards for high scores for an additional year. RESULTS: After 12 months of feedback there were trends toward improvement in several of the teaching categories and overall evaluations. None of the controls, 29% of residents receiving oral feedback and 50% of residents receiving written feedback rated teaching as more important than before. None of the controls, 57% of those receiving oral feedback (P=NS) and 88% of those receiving written feedback (P=.009), for a total of 73% of residents receiving any feedback (P=.001), thought that the amount of feedback was adequate at 12 months. Follow-up of 15 residents after one year of written feedback with an award for high evaluations showed that 60% improved their overall scores. The mean overall group score improved. CONCLUSION: A feedback and award system can lead to improved resident teaching performance as well as enhanced perception of residents' role as teachers and greater resident satisfaction.

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