Skills superstore: On-line interactive learning skills system

Mahdi, A. E. and Bermingham, C. (2003) Skills superstore: On-line interactive learning skills system. [Conference Proceedings]


We describe a newly developed Web-based interactive learning system for helping students, particularly those in their first year of university education, develop their study and other transferable skills. The system's features, functionality and architecture were developed based on the findings of a viability study which was facilitated mainly by surveying a number of students from various departments and disciplines. The system is designed as a suite of online workshop and modules to be use as a flexible learning aid, in conjunction with existing learning skills resources. The contents of the system are designed to help the students explore and evaluate their own approaches to learning and to stimulate them to become active and efficient independent learners. The interactivity of the system is facilitated by users making choices, answering questions, and completing activities related to their own experience. The system also incorporates an electronic chat feature to encourage collaborative and peer support work. © 2003 IEEE.

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