Designing Online Pedagogical Techniques for Student Learning Outcomes.

MacKeogh, K., Fox, S., Lorenzi, F. and Walsh, E. (2010) Designing Online Pedagogical Techniques for Student Learning Outcomes. In: Critical Design and Effective Tools for E-Learning in Higher Education: Theory into Practice. IGI Global.


The concept of identifying and measuring student learning outcomes has been embraced by a wide range of international policy makers and institutions across the globe, including the European Union through the Bologna Process, the USA, the OECD and other international organisations, while at national level many states have adopted, or are in the process of adopting a new national qualifications framework, based on student learning outcomes. The challenge for educators is to develop ways of enabling students to achieve, and to demonstrate their achievement, of these outcomes. The aim of this chapter is to explore ways in which online pedagogical techniques can be designed to provide solutions to the challenge of clearly demonstrating that students are achieving intended learning outcomes. While the techniques have been developed in the context of distance education programmes, the chapter includes an example of how these methods have been adapted for blended learning for on-campus students. A note of caution is sounded on the need to adopt effective techniques which do not impact unduly on lecturer workload.

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