Lynn, Theo, Connolly, John, Conyngham, Gerry, McDermott, Aoife and McMullan, Caroline (2010) DCU BUSINESS SCHOOL NEXT GENERATION MANAGEMENT. [Conference Proceedings]


Business schools face many of the same challenges and opportunities as the management they seek to educate. Attracting and retaining talent, attracting customers (students), funding, commoditisation, technology and globalisation are changing the competitive landscape for business schools too. In uncertain economic conditions, Irish graduates cannot be guaranteed the same career opportunities as previous years and will have tough competition for places in the international labour markets. If businesses can no longer rely on old solutions and proven products and services, can business schools? Can our graduates? Next Generation Management is a new postgraduate initiative by Dublin City University (DCU) Business School which attempts to address the needs of the wider stakeholder community in its preparation of graduate students. At the core of the initiative is student development to be ready for a career in management, to be adaptive and flexible, innovative and both socially responsible and accountable. The Next Generation Manager should be ready to make a significant contribution to crafting and delivering organisational purpose in uncertain times, regardless of geography. They should be prepared for both the routine and the novel. A next generation strategy requires a fundamental rethink of the existing learning experience. This means fundamental change not only to content, delivery and systems but in the way stakeholders interface with these elements and each other. This research poster outlines the Next Generation Management concept, learning outcomes andassessment process. It includes the details of the Next Generation Management immersion course and core module.

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