A Framework for Curriculum mapping in a modular Medical programme

Last, J., Lynch, C. and Donnelly, S. (2013) A Framework for Curriculum mapping in a modular Medical programme. In: 6th scientific meeting of the Irish Network of Medical Educators (INMED), 21st February to Friday 22nd February 2013, University College Dublin, Dublin, Ireland.


AIM Graduate attributes describe the comprehensive portfolio of qualities, skills, knowledge and abilities to be developed by students during their studies in a programme. UCD aims to map both these attributes and the domains outlined by the Irish Medical Council to the undergraduate and graduate entry Medicine programmes. The outcome of this project is a series of maps that clearly demonstrate how the programme’s educational experiences, learning outcomes and assessments support the acquisition of our graduate attributes. METHOD Development of a cyclical curriculum review based on four phases: curriculum visioning, mapping the current programme, review of the mapping outcomes, planning curriculum revision. PHASE1: CURRICULUM VISIONING Through a review of international frameworks for core competencies and graduate attributes and in parallel with internal school workshops, programme learning outcomes are derived from the graduate attributes. PHASE2: MAPPING THE CURRENT PROGRAMME A curriculum mapping team collates the structure, learning outcomes and teaching and assessment activities for all core programme modules. Using a series of templates the team then: a. Map the programme learning outcomes to the graduate attributes and the ‘eight domains’ b. Develop a matrix to record relationship between learning outcomes and ‘taught’ and ‘assessed’ module curricula. Learning taxonomies or scales may be used to determine acquisition of outcomes c. Programme graduates of the programme invited to review the ‘learned curriculum’ d. Data is pivoted to identify where/how achievement of learning outcomes was supported in the programme PHASE3: REVIEW OF THE MAPPING OUTCOMES Learning outcomes are grouped under a number of themes and experts appointed to review the curriculum map completed during Phase 2. During this process they identify gaps/overlaps in a) how programme learning outcomes are addressed and b) the relationship between module learning outcomes and programme learning outcomes PHASE4: PLAN FOR REVISION OF MODULES Following feedback from theme experts, module coordinators are invited to revise their modules in terms of four key areas: Syllabus review, Revision of the module learning outcomes, Review of the assessment strategy, Review of those learning activities which students will engage in on this module CONCLUSION We present this plan in order to expose the concept to those who are currently undergoing curriculum mapping and in order to enhance the UCD plan and share best practice.

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