Kelly, Jacinta (2010) NURSING STUDENTS DESIGN 'GLOSSY' MAGAZINE. [Conference Proceedings]


Aim: The aim of this initiative is to raise interest and understanding among nursing students in quantitative methods by embedding research instruction in the curriculum using a simplified, fun and research-active approach. Background: Quantitative research methods are traditionally unpopular and perceived as complex amongst nursing students. This is not helped by the fact that many nursing faculty lean in their own research activities more intuitively towards qualitative methods. However it is important that students gain an appreciation of both methods of research. Method: In an attempt to address this it is proposed that which is popular amongst students such as 'glossy' magazines could be used as an embedded teaching tool. Therefore, it is proposed that as part of an elective module in journalism students design a survey for a woman or man's 'glossy' magazine. Analysis: Students are provided with a computer survey package such as Survey Monkey to design, manage and analyse survey results and to create a discussion of these results in a feature style for a chosen popular magazine. Conclusions: This initiative brings with it the possibility of embedding quantitative research skills in an elective journalism course so that students gain an understanding and an appreciation of feature writing but also of survey design in an active and enjoyable manner. This initiative also provides encouragement for embedding a variety of other research activities and data collection tools successfully across the undergraduate curriculum.

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